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Registering in SPRS

Once you have registered in PIEE, you need to enable SPRS in your PIEE account registration. When this is complete, you will log into PIEE and see the SPRS icon you can click on to access the SPRS application. Following are the steps for enabling SPRS in PIEE.

  1. Call the PIEE Service Desk at 866-618-5988 to have account activated immediately and have Representative walk you through adding the SPRS role to your PIEE account OR
  2. Wait for the PIEE account to be activated by the government systems. You will receive an email notification when it is activated.
  3. Log in to PIEE at https://piee.eb.mil
  4. Click My Account (at the top of the page)
  5. Click Add Additional Roles
  6. Verify and Click Next through the Profile and Supervisor sections
  7. Select the appropriate application from the dropdown in the Roles Section under Step 1.
  8. Select the appropriate role in Step 2.
  9. Click Add Roles
  10. Enter your Cage Code in the Location Code field
  11. Click Next
  12. Enter a Justification and complete the steps
  13. Call the Service Desk at 866-618-5988 to have SPRS role activated

Additional Resources
  1. SPRS User Guide
  2. SPRS Access for NIST SP 800-171
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