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System Security Plan - SSP

Once you have completed your Assessment, you can then create your SSP. In this plan you need to document why you responded to each Requirement in the way you did. These narratives are for your use only and intended to help you correct gaps in your cybersecurity. Keep them short and to the point. When you submit your Assessment score, you will be asked to affirm that you have an SSP provide the name for the plan.

Instructions for completing the SSP

  1. When you have completed the Assessment by checking a status box for each requirement, click the Export button in the yellow box in upper right corner of the screen. The list of all 110 requirements along with your score for each will be exported to an Excel file you may save on your computer.
  2. The Excel spreadsheet will have an additional empty field associated with each requirement. This is where you enter comments about each requirement.
  3. If it is implemented, add any notes about how you determined this status.
  4. If it was not implemented, state why and how and when you expect to implement it.
  5. If you marked this as Not Applicable, state why.
  6. Retain a copy of this file as this is your SSP and your plan for implementing improved cybersecurity in your organization.
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